If you believe it would help…
to be better able to acknowledge the time your faculty spends in

  • creating and reporting new knowledge
  • teaching courses, seminars, and individuals
  • attending committee meetings inside and outside the institution
  • representing or promoting your institution

or to know that your faculty

  • have won professional awards and recognition
  • volunteer time to support community or professional activities
  • are members, in significant numbers, of their professional societies
  • attract significant amounts of research funding and prestige

or, if your institution would benefit from…

  • consistently-formatted Annual Reports on your faculty members’ accomplishments
  • consolidation of individual reports to create Annual Reports for the Department, Faculty and University
  • an on-line Experts’ Book accessible by the media and the public
  • easily-generated Statistics on any measure of academic activity, including year-to-year comparisons

or, if your faculty members would benefit from…

  • having richer, more complete Annual Reports, without the pain of last-minute collection and data entry
  • not having to respond to multiple requests for data about their accomplishments
  • having an easy method for recording what they need to support their applications for merit, promotion and tenure
  • having easily-generated Teaching Dossiers and CVs using the same data

and having all this in a searchable, web-accessible database,
then it’s time to apply the power and convenience offered by
the Academic Record™
the only fully integrated solution
built specifically to meet the unique needs of universities.

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